a journal of original drawings and screen prints of animals


all images are my original drawings that I print with black water-based textile ink onto khaki linen/cotton fabric, the backs of the pillows are a black linen/cotton fabric and each have a zipper along the bottom for easy removal of the insert. 
Measurements: 12in. x 18in.    30cm. x 46cm.

The Beaver and Grizzly Bear are super-imposed over a 1947 map of the Dominion of Canada. They have been professionally printed on cotton canvas. The backs of these pillows are black linen/cotton fabric and they each have a zipper along the bottom for easy removal of the insert. Measurements: 12in. x 18in.** 30cm. x 46cm.

Petite Pouches


Pencil Pouches

Tea Towels
Tea Towels are made from a Natural Linen which means that they haven't been bleached or dyed to obtain their colour. The colour is achieved by the way in which the Flax is harvested. Flax has 2 growing seasons. The time of year that the flax is harvested influences the colour.. After the flax is harvested, it is laid out in the fields for several weeks allowing the sun and rain to further influence the colour of the flax. 
The images available on the tea towels are: the Beaver, the Moose, the Bison and the Donkey (images under construction)

Tea Cozies 

Tea cozies are made in a similar style as the pillows shown above. My original images are printed with black water-based textile ink onto a khaki coloured linen/cotton fabric. The backs of the tea cozies are black linen/cotton.
The little tabs at the top may vary between khaki and black. The interior linings are made from either vintage cotton prints or reproduction cotton prints.

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