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Tuesday, December 06, 2016


A rare picture of me in the Sparrow Avenue Booth
Due to having slept in, there was no post yesterday and, I guess, by looking at this picture it is quite clear that I was a bit tired before the eleven days were over. 

There were a few nights that I had to pull, in order to replenish stock. It is an interesting aspect of business whereby product is produced without any guarantee of which item will sell well. It is not unheard of that the guess may be wrong, in-which case, extra hours are needed to be put in for the item that was least produced.

In my case it was the new Stuffies.

Sparrow Avenue, Beaver and Squirrel Stuffies

Friday, December 02, 2016

Sparrow Avenue @ the 2016 One of a Kind Show Part 6

Sparrow Avenue Stuffies @ the One of a Kind Show
I love the three pairs of round eyes staring back while the Grizzly walks by. These soft and cuddly stuffies (a word we used for plush toys when our kids were little) were originally made for children stuck in the stroller or on long car/airplane rides, however, I'm finding that a lot of adults are buying them for themselves and some are buying them for their grown-up children who have left home. I think that's so sweet!

This weekend will be wrapping up the One of a Kind for yet another year. I would like to take this time to thank everyone who came by the show to show their support for Handmade and Small Business. This is so important as it helps us to continue to create and explore our chosen fields.

Thank you again
and enjoy your
first December weekend.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Sparrow Avenue @ the 2016 One of a Kind Show Part 5

Sparrow Avenue @ 2016 One of a Kind Show
Here is a view of the booth at the One  of a  Kind Show...not too different from last year although there is the addition of the Stuffies in the pails. On the floor in the middle are pillows for my Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale. If you are planning to come, these pillows are significantly reduced from the regular price. 

And here is another view looking the other way. The vintage stool I use for a rest now and then, has also turned out to be a great tool for product shots.

More of these can be seen on my Instagram. Feel free to follow me there as well.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sparrow Avenue @ the 2016 One of a Kind Show and Sale

Sparrow Avenue, Canadian Wildlife Animal Stuffy Collection
Stuffies stuffed in and industrial pail, one of the most compact display pieces I have. This one was actually picked up at the Dollar Store for just $4.00. Think I'll have to go back and get more for each animal!
Being at the show and having access to a camera that is capable of taking decent images in this poor light, is difficult. But I hope to get some shots of Booth S - 53 soon. As the day progresses, the booth constantly undergoes subtle changes. Tweaking it, so-to-speak.

It's hard to believe 
that it's the last day of 
That would mean
countdown mode to the
Holiday Season

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thank You: Sparrow Avenue @ the 2016 One of a Kind Show Part 3

Sparrow Avenue, Beaver Petite Pouch
I love it when people come into my booth and show me what they have bought from me on other occasions. Not only do I get to see how much they love and use my work, but I also get to see how well made and sturdy my work is. These pouches are used everyday, they take a beating going in and out of purses, bags or pockets, they're opened and closed countless times and there they are: hardly worn out at all!
 Thank you 
to all of you
 who have shown me
 your support and love
 for the work I do.
 I can't tell you
 how much it means
 to me!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Sparrow Avenue @ The 2016 One of a Kind Show and Sale, Part 2

Sparrow Avenue, Beaver Linen Tea Towel
Hope you had a wonderful weekend, I know I did, and hectic too. The first weekend of the One of a Kind Show is notoriously crazy busy. The line up on Saturday was enough to shake the building as it wound it's way in the hallway to accommodate all those waiting for the 10:00 opening.
Above, is an over-exposed detail shot of the Natural Line Beaver Tea Towel. Taking pictures with only electric light is so not on. But, that's where it is and doctoring didn't help much. Nevertheless, stock is dwindling and sooner or later I will be printing more during the show and after hours.

If you are in Toronto
the GTA
why not come by 
and say hello
I'm at 
booth  S  53

Friday, November 25, 2016

Sparrow Avenue @ the 2016 One of a Kind Show and Sale

Sparrow Avenue Set-Up @ One of a Kine 2016
Set-up day at the One of a Kind for Sparrow Avenue. I am fortunate to have two wonderful men who help me with the set-up and I walk over later on with lunches. The walls are up, as you can see and the determining of shelf placement was next.

Sparrow Avenue Set-Up @ OOAK 2016
Things were progressing nicely. In fact, this has been the easiest set-up in the 5 years that I have been doing the show. Do you think we're finally getting used to it?

Sparrow Avenue, Set-Up @ OOAK 2016
Just a bit of touch-up painting. Not that I was completely set up; I had managed to misplace the tea towel bars! Was sure I had packed them after the Signatures Show in Ottawa. But no, nowhere to be found. So I had to replace them and install them before the show began.

2016 OOAK
If you are around
for the next 11 days
give yourself a treat
and come see the wonderful
work that has been created
for the