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Friday, June 23, 2017

New Linen Tea Towels

Sparrow Avenue, Linen Beaver Tea Towels
I have begun printing on a new Linen that seems to suit the vintage style of my work. It, in fact, is the same Linen which I've been using for the "Canada 150" Tea Towels, except that instead of red stripes down the length, this one has dark grey stripes.

Let me know what you think??

Oh, and btw, if you look just under the top banner you will see the "New Page" for Sparrow Avenue's retail items. Click on it and you will see the catalogue for 2017. Don't forget to click on the "Full Screen" in the lower right hand corner.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

By the Way-side

Just a couple more shots of our drive through central Ontario when we were on our way home from Ottawa. Typical countryside on a 2-lane hiway. A mix of farm and forest. Just imagine this in the winter: with the cleared land and the wind just blowing through. It translates to a lot of snow and white outs. But for now, it's quite idyllic.

See what I mean. Although this could just as easily be in the mid-west if it weren't for the distant rolling hills of Algonquin.

And home. Our backyard garden which is usually weeded by now and planted with tomatoes, has gone by the way side. After years and years of keeping on top of it, I've finally just let it do it's thing. The ferns which I planted a few years ago are doing just great considering the mega amounts of rain we've had all spring. The phlox has returned, I'm happy to say. And I have no idea where the Forget-me-nots came from?

A belated Happy Summer

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Snowy White Owl

Sparrow Avenue, Snowy Owl Pillow
Bubo scandiacus, commonly known as the Snowy White Owl is found in Arctic regions but can also be seen in open fields. It is the largest of all the owls by weight at 4 lbs. / 1.8 kg. which is twice that of the Great Grey Owl.
The characteristic white feathers distinguish the males from the females which have more of the bar markings. My drawing, clearly, is a female.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

"New Stuff Coming"

Sparrow Avenue, Rabbit Pillow
I have been working on a "New Page" for this blog; a page that will list all my items and their  current retail prices.

This may seem like an odd thing to do, seeing as I have an Etsy shop that does this. However, Etsy has recently changed their policy on fees charged to the shop owners. This in turn, unfortunately, is passed down to the buyers. Essentially, what used to be a venue in support of makers and their hard work, has now become a vehicle for, in my opinion, gouging. 

Not that long ago Etsy went public which means that their interests are now focused on their share holders, not the shop owners whom they once supported

Clearly I am upset about this. In my opinion my prices are fair. I have worked hard at keeping my prices reasonable so that my work is attainable to my customers. 

To justify their new fees, Etsy suggests that many shop owners under-price their work. That may be true, especially for those who don't rely on their work as a full-time income. But for those of us who do, we are forced to raise our prices.

In the next little while, I will have this "New Page" up, so keep watching...

Monday, June 19, 2017

Lost Along the Way

Killaloe, Covered Bridge
I found a few images of our road trip home from Ottawa that were misplaced. This is Killaloe, a little more than half way to Algonquin Park. And, to our surprise, it boasted a covered bridge.

mural by Allen Hilgendorf

"The official opening of the Ottawa and Parry Sound Railroad in 1844 turned Kellaloe into a busy receiving and shipping centre at the height of the lumber industry"

Friday, June 16, 2017

Before and After Ottawa

A bit out of sequence: going to Ottawa we stopped outside of Kingston and had our lunch in this wooded area. Plagued by all sorts of nasty biting bugs, however. The "girls" didn't seem to notice.

I kept their leashes on just in case any chipmunks thought of running by...but it was pretty quiet.

When we left Ottawa we chose the scenic route, that is to say, we went west to Algonquin, my favourite place to be. Because of the time of year, meaning the bugs, and the lateness of the day (it took longer to get there than we had anticipated), we didn't stay long to do any hikes. I will save that for the autumn.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Big Park

We walked to "the Big Park" at least twice a day, a walk that almost reminded me of Scout and Jem walking home from school ("To Kill a Mocking Bird") The sidewalk was old and cracked and made of asphalt.

The old fencing and ancient trees reminded me so much of another time.

These pictures were taken on our last morning in Ottawa. The sky was very intriguing. Beautiful blues made it much cooler than the previous day.

With the spread of 5 pictures it is rather difficult to get a sense of the size of this park. Click on the image for a a larger view). Suffice it to say you are looking at a baseball field on the extreme left and a soccer/football field on the right. Just behind the baseball field there is an Oak tree pictured below:


...and going