a journal of original drawings and screen prints of animals


Thursday, October 22, 2009

This is the new lino block that I've changed from the one a few days ago. The proportions of the sparrow are more to my liking and I decided not to use the leaves but to perhaps print on patterned paper instead.

Here is the finished lino cut. Because I eliminated the leaves, I found I had enough room to do a second bird, a chickadee (which I've been seeing a few of in the backyard lately).

Here are a couple of prints that I've done of each of the birds onto pages torn from an old French text book. They're not the greatest prints as I'm still learning how to control the amount of ink but they at least show some potential.
Hey, and what about this new editing that I've finally figured out how to do? What a struggle that was!


  1. i love your bird prints.
    thanks for the reply about the screen printing.
    I love arounna's screens but I have never tried any others.

  2. Hello,I just purchased tools and material to make stamps and after seeing your post can't wait to try it out.Your birdies are great :))