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Friday, January 29, 2010

The week has been spent largely making a mess which, unfortunately is the way I work...complete and utter chaos.
O well...as you can see I'm doing more collage work. 
Perhaps next week, after I accumulate a few pieces, I will show a sneak preview.
The girls had a bit of a play in the back today. With -20 windchill the park is out of the question besides we're there so early in the mornings I never get a chance to photograph them. Roxy, 9yrs, is on the right and Sonee, 7yrs is the instigator. Don't you just love her red? Both of them are rescued dogs. Roxy was found in Huntsville and Sonee was originally from Moosonee (which is how she got her name). Click on their website, Sharron writes so well and their puppies are so sweet!

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