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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Bronze Whale Patina

A few days ago Art brought out the bronze whales (that he had cast  some time ago) in order to start the patina process.
This first picture shows him preparing the raw cast by heating it first with a torch.
 Then he brushes on ferric nitrate (that orange solution) and heats it again.

 I love how it smokes up! The bottom picture shows a close up of the red/brown/orange that is created as a base for the patina.

A solution of cupric nitrate is the next application. You can see the blue/green that is created in the heating process.
                        Isn't that amazing?
This is where Art got a little ahead of me. He's already added a fair bit of the third solution (liver of sulpher) which creates this darker black/brown colour.
Another close up of the whale's body. Don't you love the modulation of colours?
I can hardly wait to show you the finished piece that has been rubbed down and waxed.


  1. Exquisite! Thank-you. I'm stunned by its beauty...

  2. i am in awe of this process
    thanks so much for the photo journalism