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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Out Back
The last few I have been concentrating on finishing the drawings that I started some weeks ago now. It always amazes me how long some of my work takes. But they're coming along and perhaps by next week I'll have something to show.
This little sparrow is the result of a mega zoom-in but I just love the colours: so warm and cold at the same time.
Toronto is about to be hit with accumulations of snow unlike the "light" flurries we had on the weekend.
View from my Studio


  1. Barbara,

    It's great to hear from you.. As you can see I follow your blog. Thank you for kind words about my handmade books, I love each one that I make. We are getting plenty of snow here too, we are up to a foot and a half. Very beautiful pictures above in this post. I agree there is a nice balance of warm and cool colors in the bird picture.

  2. I love your bird photo. Snow everywhere here in Southern BC. Have a cup of tea and keep warm.