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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

More New Work

Several years ago I had a show of paintings with characters such as these that were to emulate children's stories, none of which exist.
I always liked these guys and the show was very successful.
Now I'd like to take them somewhere else. However, I need to re-do them to fit into these different perameters.Once it's all done I'll be sure to show you.
I am still working on the three drawings of a few days ago. They are looking great and I can hardly wait to get them on screens because I have some new "vehicles" for them.


  1. Oh I love them! I've always thought about getting into illustrating children's books. Such great characters. I can already picture a story for them just by looking at this one drawing!

  2. One of my past lives was children's book illustration.
    I had done an exhibit some years ago of these and other characters, some of which are on my web site:www.sparrowavenue.com

  3. Ah yes...I do remember reading that now that you mention it. And I've been to your web site, your characters have such a great quirky personality!