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Thursday, February 17, 2011

(I have been meaning to post this before now but have been taking care of family members in hospital)

Art and I have been doing some research for collaborative work. One thing leads to another and we came across Kate Macdowell's work. I love her use of metaphor, let alone that she works in porcelain and how difficult that is.

images from www.coeandwaito.com
 The above two porcelain pieces by coe and waito are equally intriguing works. It is so inspiring to see the results of other artists' interests, especially when most of one's time is spent isolated in the studio.
Although we haven't worked in porcelain before Art and I have some knowledge of what's involved from previous ventures with earthenware and stoneware bodies.
 Marcel is one of a few of the cookie jars Art and I used to make. You may have seen him in some of my product shots. Art is such an amazing sculptor, giving life and character to our collaborations.

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  1. Aren't the porcelain pinecones and jellyfish something else! It's great to see Marcel again. I love my "Oliver Cookie" jar. Can't wait to see what you and Art come up with.