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Monday, March 21, 2011

I was hoping this post would be about the "super size" new totes I've been working on but what with another crazy busy weekend there just wasn't a chance to photograph them...

Instead I'm posting these way-old stamps I've come across. I really should have them appraised 'cause they certainly look valuable.
I'm pretty sure if you click on the images you can see them larger. And if you happen to know anything about stamps, I wouldn't mind hearing from you!
 O, and by the way, my view of the moon wasn't particularly unusual.


  1. What wonderful things you make. Thanks for stopping by Nini Makes, it gave me a chance to find your lovely website. I see we have a fellow friend in Margie and I'm a huge fan of Arounna's too :)

  2. seeing these stamps makes me a little sad since i lost my amazing childhood stamp collection in a house we sold after we had moved from ottawa about 18 years ago. The agent neglected to clear out the attic before the house exchanged ownership.

  3. i have similar stories of things lost because of the indifference of others.
    and stamps don't seem to be as easy to collect as they once were.

  4. I love these triangle stamps!