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Monday, March 28, 2011

Science and Spring

has never been
a strong subject for me.
Yet, it shows up
every now

There are specific seasons that compel you to think of certain things. 
With the Spring, people generally think of the renewal of life: 
the birds have different songs,
buds poke out of earth and branches
and so many other examples.
So it may seem incongruous that I would show this skull of a 
It is a picture that Art took (he has quite a collection).
For me it is a symbol of the cycle of life
"...from death comes life"
This image is from a collection of work I did a few years back. It was an attempt not only to capture a distorted memory but a sense of summer heat.
I hope wherever you are you can feel this renewal of
Spring Sun and Science.


  1. You might think this strange but I love to collect such things. I have cleaned up a few skulls myself and then hand them off to my sister who has a degree in anthropology and a keen interest in biology. I walk in the farmers field out behind our home to pick up fragments of ceramic and bones and have now 14 horse teeth in my collection from that very field. I too found a fox skull very much like the one you found above, in California. I even have dreams of discovering arrowheads.

  2. Hey, that's awesome, Jason!
    Would that I have a field to tramp through, you're so lucky