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Thursday, April 28, 2011


It's all very well and fine to have ideas but sometimes you might wonder  where they originated. There's always a way of tracing back to something that started the whole thought process. So, in continuation to yesterday's "idea" of doing grass for a screen print I thought I'd show you where that idea came from. This picture was taken some time ago and I just love  the view point, let alone the play of grass.
While I've been working on the drawings I decided to attempt another pillow. Although you can't see it, this pillow has a zipper closure: my first one! 
There are lots of tutorials on the web and I found a very good one here for putting in zippers.

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  1. Wasn't baby Alice the best subject to photograph! I have some great shots of her too.
    Love the oblong format for the moose pillow. And the calligraphic strokes of your grass in yesterday's post are beautiful.