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Monday, May 09, 2011

onion skin dye bath, dye process, cutch dye bath
Wasn't that a lovely weekend! I worked on another session of dying. For the last several months I'd been saving onion skins and had more than enough to work with. I also did another cutch as some of the fabric from the previous time didn't take as strongly as I would have liked.
  A few years back when I had first played around with natural dye, I began with onion skins. I knew nothing about dying, let alone mordanting. So my first results were the soft reddish browns of the onion skin. You can well imagine my surprise at seeing these curry and pumpkin colours which had to be the result of the mordant.
Here they are next to the cutch.


  1. I can't believe the gorgeous colors you are making! The onion skins with the mordant are beautiful. (what is mordant?)
    By the way I captured some photos of the cutest sparrows I have ever seen and posted them on my blog. I thought of you when I saw them!

  2. very lovely colors ,especially the golden yellows