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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

You'd never know it was Spring if it weren't for all the blossoms out regardless of the cold and rain. Honestly, the furnace had to be turned on yesterday, we were all just freezing!
image from www.wingsinflight.com
 In the evening, these little birds were feeding in the apple blossoms. They are Nashville Warblers, a little bit smaller than a sparrow and noticeable if only because they move about so quickly.
lilacs in my backyard
 Art is working on a new porcelain piece. Every now and then he sees what he can come up with in an hour's time and this is the result:
Art Di Lella  www.sculpturemoulds.blogspot.com

You can see the progress of this piece at his site


  1. Yes, we have also been turning on the heater in the mornings. Our cherry tree is finally covered in blossoms.And the river rises dangerously.