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Friday, June 17, 2011

The Colour Purple (a.k.a. Logwood)

After some adjustments and a lot of patience my logwood dye day was far more successful then I had hoped. I had a small suspicion of this when to my horror I lifted out my bag of steeping chips to find my fingers had been instantly stained!
 Aren't these gorgeous?! It still fascinates me how the dye takes to the different textiles I use. These first two images are of wet fabric which always looks richer and deeper than when it's dry.
Here you can see some of the dry samples. I find them quite different, still beautiful but definitely sadder. Some of these have had an iron assist from the first not-so-good dye session. The one on the extreme left for sure.
 This last picture is the same piece of fabric folded over. The left side is dry, the right is still damp.
I can hardly wait to show what I have planned for these pieces.  

So many ideas, not enough time.
Hope you all have a lovely summer weekend.

I'll be doing the Roncy Rocks show on Saturday.
For those of you who can make it:
I'll be at the Dundas W./Roncesvalles corner
where the Starbucks is located.
Hope to see you there


  1. These colors are beautiful! I am still amazed that you can create these intense hues from natural materials. I love the photo of all of your dry samples together. The patchwork of colors complement each other so nicely.