a journal of original drawings and screen prints of animals


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Last Year's Winter Coat

As many of you know, 
every early 
early morning 
the "girls" and I go for a walk 
to the park, 
almost a kilometer away.
More times than not 
there is something interesting, 
if not unusual,to be found
The other day 
it was this envelope.
First of all
it's not an envelope from Canada 
and secondly 
I found it stuck to a telephone pole
and although it was sealed 
there was something inside.


  1. How cool. What a magical thing to do.
    This surprise is like a twenty you've found.
    Is it a metaphor for anything in your life?

  2. How interesting! I am so curious as to who put this in the park and why. I wonder if it was for anyone to find or if they left it there for some one specific. Like a treasure hunt. I love the way it's sewn to the patterned paper too. Oh so curious!

  3. i love that
    thinking of putting messages in bottles on my trip out to the east coast this summer