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Monday, June 13, 2011


I hope you had a restful weekend albeit, a cold one in this area. And a happy Father's Day.
Last week I had left off with a dye bath waiting to be seen. But as yet it is still waiting, mostly because it didn't go as well as I had hoped so I am in the process of starting again with a different approach.
This old rusting heat register was found in the garbage. How can people throw things like this out? The design is so beautiful. It is in keeping with my collection of rusting things.
Rust or ferrous sulphate is a mordant for natural dye as well as an "assistant" (an after-dye bath). It tends to "sadden" colours and deepen them too.


  1. i love rusted objects too and am often bringing things home from the curb
    I think father's day is next sunday but it is good to be early xo

  2. I also love rusted objects! In fact that is something that I have been trying to simulate in my encaustics. There is a potter named Kirsten Coehlo whose work reminds me of rusted enamel ware from the 1930's. You might like it!