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Friday, July 29, 2011

Spent the day working on these new bags. As always, while I'm working, I came up with new ways of doing them which makes me want to do more and more. So much in process right now  and not much to show.
This is our last weekend in July. It always makes me a little sad when August comes. Already it is dark when I leave to walk the girls in the morning.
There was a huge rainbow in the sky before it rained this morning; which was odd. Perhaps that will turn things around.
Have a lovely weekend: 
it is a long one here in Canada
and I hope to get a lot done


  1. mood indigo by duke ellington...
    yes, it's a testatment to how busy our lives are that the nights are creeping up on us sooner.
    Your blue whale bag is bluetiful!

  2. Your whale bag is gorgeous, and I love your blog!
    Thanks for stopping by mine, and a nice comment you left :)