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Monday, July 04, 2011

Wishing all my American readers a Happy 4th of July!

The time just keeps speeding by. A few short weeks ago there were blossoms and now there are apples. Come autumn I hope to do a dye experiment with apple tree bark as it supposedly yields a salmon colour. Not that I'm trying to hurry time along...

As for the dyeing at present; I had mentioned about the discrepancy of colour between the two orders of cutch. However, upon further research I found that my disappointment in the colour results perhaps was my fault all along. In the mordant process it is advised to use Soda Ash/Washing Soda. Not knowing anything about the chemical make up of these ingredients, it seemed to me that Borax must be washing soda. 
It Is Not
Borax is sodium borate decahydrate and it's "brightening" properties are due to converting water molecules to hydrogen peroxide. And that's what caused the problem.
Soda Ash is sodium Carbonate (not to be mixed up with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)) and can be found more cheaply at swimming pool supply stores.

Now, it's pretty interesting what one will do when they can't do what they want. I had a tiny bit of Lac left from my very first dye experiments and I took the offending pieces of fabric and soaked them over-night.
 The more ochre pieces are the "offending" bits. The burgundies are the results from the Lac. The purples are the offending bits that soaked in a "tired" pot of Logwood.
I dedicate this colour to my Dad who wanted me to continue in Chemistry class because "one day it might come in handy".

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  1. Love your new colour and the dedication it took to get it AND the dedication!