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Friday, September 23, 2011

At it again with more drawings. I suppose the more I do the happier I become with them; so it's not such a bad idea to not always be pleased with what you do: it helps to push you just that little bit further. These sparrows are headed in the direction I wanted to go and the picture below shows where they've "landed".
 I might play with the composition a little bit more but  I think they definitely work better now.
As well, you can see the very quick sign I've made for Puces Pop. Yes, as you read this Friday morning I'm heading off to Montreal. Should be a great show. I'm quite excited about it. I won't be back til later on Monday but I hope to have lots of pictures to post of this energetic show.
Until then, have yourself a wonderful weekend.


  1. Great drawings. GOOD LUCK! at the show and safe journey.

  2. I love love love your drawings! Have a fruitfull weekend!

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  4. Hi Barbara,
    I met you at the Puces Pop show. Arounna introduced us. Your sparrow drawings are beautiful. Hope you had a good show.

    (Removed my post above as I made an error.)