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Friday, October 07, 2011

Collages at Mitzi's in October

For those of you unable to come to the show, I thought I'd just post sort of what it looks like. In the past I've taken shots hanging in the cafe but it never looks right: the angles, the light, all wrong.
 Hope you like them.

Here in Canada it is Thanksgiving weekend and a time for families to get together or go to the cottage and close it up for the winter. The colours are in full view and I feel like hitting the hi-way.
Wherever you are, I hope it is a great weekend!


  1. Don't your warm colours look super on that blue background! I love this period of your work; so painterly, so many lovely old images on worn backgrounds makes for an evocative mood.
    Come up whenever you want; the colours are indeed prime right now.

  2. I love all the touches of turquoise. Really beautiful Barbara. Hope you have a beautiful weekend, happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I absolutely love your collages! I used to own a blazed faced mare....so much like the ones you have posted. Would so love to have one of the horse collages. Any chance you would have a print collection available ?


  4. thank you

    i don't have prints, Susan, but the prices are affordable.
    e-mail me as to which one you like