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Monday, October 03, 2011

Montreal (part 2)

One of the discoveries we made while wandering around Montreal was Style Labo, a shop full of  industrial vintage pieces. I would have loved to have brought home something from this place.
 But even the used postal bags were way out of my reach, let alone those wire baskets. Darn.
 And what's traveling without food? "Beauty" was another wonderful find. A sun-filled cafe in the old Jewish district and filled  with patrons. Not only that, but the original owner, Hymie, who easily pointed out a table for two during the packed lunch hour.
Hymie Sckolnick at 90, 2011


  1. I've had a problem with my browser for the last two weeks and I couldn't post comments on any blogger blogs!!! It was so frustrating...but it's working now :-) Yipee!
    Thank you so much for posting photos of your days in Montreal, I've been really enjoying a virtual visit through your photos.

  2. you're so sweet, Geninne

    i'm glad that problem was fixed. it can be so frustrating.

    btw, it looks like you're having fun with those flying birds. what great packaging!