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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Owl, The Lynx and The Wolf

Hope your weekend went well. We finally got some Sun yesterday which was more than welcome. I spent my time jumping between dyeing, drawing and printing. This is my finished drawing of the owl I showed you last week.
 And here is the finished wolf drawing. Actually it's not the one I showed before, but one I started all over again. It's a bit dark but hey...maybe it's one of the black wolves.
 I actually started this one yesterday morning and finished it too in one go: pretty rare.
 Can't wait to tell you what I'm planning to do with them...


  1. You've really captured the wild spirit in these amazing strong drawings. I love it, too, when you show the process.

  2. The drawings are great as usual. Looking forward to see how you apply them.

  3. Your owl is absolutely magnificent.

    I will come back to see what this special trio is all about. :)

  4. Hello Art! :)
    They turned out amazing!

  5. beaurtifully, done, I also draw and Paint wildlife, look. look forward to seeing what you have planed for these drawings!

  6. I love that drawing of the Lynx and would love to link it with my short story Encounter by the river with your permission and full accreditation of course... http://www.empowernetwork.com/northerntrials/?p=2384