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Monday, October 31, 2011

Scout, Lane Ways and Pumpkins

Scout is my latest store. If you can, check it out. Here is a bit of a sneak preview.

 On the days I'm off to the printer, the "girls" and I usually go through some lane ways. It's quieter, less traffic and you never know what you'll see. It's like a peak into another time, which is kind of cool.

Of course, this is kind of cool too.

After today we won't be seeing much of these. Although the park where we go for morning walks has a gorgeous display of the neighbourhood's pumpkins. Everyone brings them after Hallowe'en. There are hundreds of them! Or you can go here to see what I mean. 
I hope everyone has a very scary night tonight, have fun with all the costumes and make-up.

I've been crazy busy clearing out the basement for a new project. And what a time to do it too as it was sunny all weekend and I was in the basement! argh. Well, in the end, it's for a good cause. I'll tell you more about that later.


  1. Super laneway shots! The "good cause" sounds intriguing; good luck with your plans.

  2. what a great idea about the bringing the pumpkins to the park

  3. The park full of pumpkins is so inspiring and beautiful!!! We rush to put our pumpkins in our backyard after the kids have passed (more than 200 at our door this year) so that they aren't smashed in the street. This is a much better idea.

  4. I've been spreading the word about the pumpkins in the park idea. I always love hearing about regular folks making art installations! It's a wonderful idea.