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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


isn't usually a colour that comes to mind for me. I'm more the quiet, subdued type. 
But Christmas is coming and people usually ask, 
"Does it come in red?" 
So...I've made some totes and i-phone pouches for the coming 
winter shows.

If you're in Toronto's west end please stop by the show on Thursday (click the link on the side bar)

Hope your week is going well. It's been sunny here but I hear the snow is coming.


  1. that is really a gorgeous red too
    maybe we will even get a little snow today to go along with it

  2. Hi Barbara--The red is beautiful and looks great with your black art. I had to drop by after reading your comment on Sonia's blog. :) I am the same way about the phone! We have snow predicted tonight, not a lot but just enough to say that winter is on its way. Good luck with your show.