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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mid-week and I'm still working away. I wouldn't have thought the pillows would be so popular. But these will be the last ones for a little while so I'll probably put them in the shop after Christmas.
Hope your week is going well these last few days; that everything is in order and you're not tearing your hair out in traffic or line ups to pay for prezzies and groceries. Certain people I know would have heads rolling with their sharp tongues. I guess that's stress. Nothing a good drink, at the end of the day, wouldn't cure. ( is that too many double negatives?)

This is the first year that we have decided to scale way back. It has been a tough year in many respects. In the past, it has been the routine to damn the torpedoes and ignore the difficulties. 
Sometimes it's important to do that.
But reality and perspective have hit their mark this year and we will do with less. I don't mind. Small and simple and definitely handmade are the main thing.

I just thought I'd leave you with this article to read and ponder.


  1. So true about scaling back. Sometimes it just feels so nice to simplify. In all things, not just Christmas craziness. I think people are also much more appreciative of the things they have and the gifts they receive when life isn't so full of clutter.
    And yes a good drink always manages to help too!

  2. had a crazy busy day in the clinic where everyone was desperately looking for that christmas miracle cure, shopped for groceries on the way home, baked gingerbread cookies and linzer cookies and here I am sipping a lovely shiraz and reading :)

  3. In our family only the little ones get presents. This year I am mailing out the gifts in January not only because I did not want to stand in a line-up at the post office, but little ones aren't aware of the calendar so it will be a nice treat for them when they least expect it. Handmade or books, of course!

  4. I wish all of you a wonderful easy-going Christmas.
    It is so nice to, not only know but to read that there are others who feel likewise.

    L'chaim to you