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Friday, December 02, 2011

New and One of a Kind

I hope to be making more of these pouches in the new year. When I saw it in my shop, the colours just popped out from the rest of my quieter work. This fabric was printed from a collage I had done last year. The young girl is my aunt when she was 14. It was her passport picture from when she came over from Belgium to Canada after WW II. Isn't she beautiful?

I finally got myself over to the One of a Kind Show and saw a few friends and new artisans. I've always loved Danielle Hession's work. 
 Her collages are like no one else's

In the Rising Stars section I saw and spoke with Jenny Kuri whose artistic dolls/animals just called out to me. I have a strong attraction to "toys" but they have to be different, they have to exude a story. This attraction goes way back to this little guy:

He's quite old now and a little bit faded, especially around the mouth but he used to "dance", at least to me he used to dance. My grandmother made him when I was quite small.

 Lorraine Chien's work was very special with lots of personality let alone the articulation of legs and head. His nose is a long carrot shape and his hat has patches and holes lending a complete curiosity to hear his story. All my guys sit in an old wooden crate in my studio. They and the "girls" keep me company while I work.
Now there's a story too!!

Just before I wish you a great weekend, why not go here and check out the wonderful Giveaway the Paper Place is having from now til December 15.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend
and check out all the local
Handmade shows

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