a journal of original drawings and screen prints of animals


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Small Window

Returning from Christmas dinner on the other side of the Lake. Lots of family, food, laughter and prezzies. Hope you had a wonderful time too. It was starting to snow where we were but nothing as ominous as these clouds out my studio window. But, like my girls, the bark was worse than the bite (meaning: it didn't snow)

This little window between Christmas and the New Year is my opportunity to work out potential new designs. There are a few things kicking around in my head that I hope will see the light of day.

Sometimes there are spin-offs from the work Art does. These are life size casts of sparrow skulls. I'm not really much of a bone person although I do see how intriguing they can be.

Just to give an idea of size, the skull in the background is of a small dog (the size of a fox). Art has lots of animal skulls. Maybe one day I can convince him to do a post of them.


  1. I love the sparrow skull casts! I've always had a weird fascination with bird skulls. I found several when I was younger and made special containers for them and I would draw them. Strange thing for a kid to do, I know!
    I can't wait to see what new designs you are kicking around!