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Friday, January 13, 2012

Drawings and Sales

original sketch (copyright Barbara Di Lella 2012)
I don't have a sketch book anymore. When I stopped painting I didn't think I needed one. Now I just scratch out my ideas on any piece of paper lying around and half the time there are scribbled notes pertaining to other things. Anyway I wanted to show the beginnings of this idea.

copyright Barbara Di Lella 2012
Here it is, still not quite done but the idea is definitely there. Sorry I didn't show the process of the humpback, but it was coming so quickly and easy, I just didn't stop to document it. Actually, the idea isn't fully presented because I'm tweaking it just a bit more. Hopefully by next week it will be done.

The 2012 Calendar with all my animal and bird drawings is now on Sale in the shop

Here's wishing you
a lovely January


  1. Must be wonderful to be able to sketch what is in your head and make it look so effortless. I am a sketcher of stick people but am the mother of an artist. How did that happen?

  2. That was such a lovely comment you left on my blog and I accidently deleted it instead of publishing your very nice words.

  3. Thank you so much for taking the time (your precious time) to leave another comment on my blog. We had our first big snowfall last night so we are having a snow day. Freshly baked muffins, coffee, lots of books, and a soft moose pillow make my day complete. Thanks again!

  4. Your drawings are so lovely and strong.

  5. thank you everyone

    i'm still a ways off with it though