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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday's Treasures

Last week I began Tuesday's Treasures
journaling new things that 
I've taught 
I was quite pleased when I put this chickadee of mine onto this old French label. As I've said before, I really like the combination of graphics and images, let alone the mixture of time periods. I also like how the bird's head is right under an emblem making it look like  it's wearing a crown.

This Photoshopped postcard has a little drop shadow  behind my drawing of a sparrow, making it look like the bird was a cut out that was only lightly taped down.

There are lots of tutorials on line that explain how to do Photoshop techniques. But if you're new to all of this it can be rather daunting.

Over the weekend I was working with my new light table, exposing screens. Here are two of my new images for 2012.
the owl is in my 2012 Calendar,
so there was a sneak preview of it last month. 
But the humpback, 
as you know, 
is this month) 
I have to tell you that this was my first time applying emulsion and burning screens without any help. So I was a wee bit nervous in the process. But aside from the lousy emulsion application,
(the first one I did was perfect
but the screen was exposed for too short a time 
and the whole thing washed away)
the images, themselves, turned out pretty well and I've been printing up tea towels ever since. 

 Hope it's not too dreary where you are.

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