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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday's Treasures

copyright Barbara Di Lella
Last week I experienced a small incident that has caused me to think twice about how I present my work. I have had work stolen before and I'm sure that most artists have had that unfortunate experience. Last week's incident was more of a misunderstanding and it was soon resolved. I was lucky. 

But it has caused me to look into "Watermarking" my work. Take a closer look at my drawing: you'll see my name. Perhaps it's too discreet, but it is a deterrent. Usually I'll scrawl my name discreetly in the work itself (I do this with my screen prints; they're all signed but only I know where it is).

You can easily google a Photoshop tutorial on how to do this. Try this one

Chalk one up to another "Treasure" that I've learned this year.

 I found this in my mail this morning. Such a lovely surprise to have a publication about the Pre-Spring Market I'm participating in at Poppytalk. You can go though it by clicking here. In the actual Market, it's the Moose Pillow that is being featured. Have a look and let me know what you think.


  1. jan must really love your work
    and i am not at all surprised:)

  2. It never fails to shock me every time I hear about an artists work being stolen and copied. At least it was just a misunderstanding. Hope the rest of your week is better!