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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Wednesday's Work

Working away on a wack of wonderful whale (and other animal)baby bibs  that are in the shop starting today! O, and these too.

As well, I have been working on new drawings. I know the last batch of bird drawings I did never amounted to much. I have higher hopes for these: 

copyright Barbara Di Lella 2012

They are only pencil sketches now but I hope to make some kind of patterning with them; not so much a compositional group but more of a repeat.


  1. i love the birdie drawings
    saw a lovely gang of sparrows outside the superstore a few days ago
    and enjoyed watching them for a bit.

  2. I think my new nephew needs a bib! And I love seeing your sketches too. You are also so lucky to have been able to pick up some of Arounna's pottery.