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Monday, March 19, 2012

Mosaic Monday

1. sparrow by Barbara Di Lella  2. detail of vintage doll   3. sparrow by Barbara Di Lella  4. vintage doll  5. nest.  6.  vintage doll.  7.  kinglet by Barbara Di Lella  8. vintage doll  9. wren by Barbara Di Lella

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
It was absolutely incredible here!
It felt like June in March
how crazy is that?

Like last weekend, I spent this one printing again. I kind of like that because there are hardly any interruptions and it seems to go smoother for that. 

As promised, I was able to fenagle some photos of my youngest's trip to Belize. Needless to say she had a wonderful time. She had the opportunity to go snorkeling and saw sharks and coral and sting rays...
image by Nathalie Robertson

image by Nathalie Robertson
Can you feel the warmth and the air and the salt? I just love the colour of that water!


  1. what a wonderful experience for them

  2. Doesn't Z. look like she's in her element!!
    Love the mosaic of my dolls and sculptures mixed with your groovy new sparrows and wren. And that's my horsehair nest too I see! What an interesting shot by Nathalie; very sophisticated.