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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday's Treasures

Full Moon through the studio window

 Tuesday is the day I usually post about something new that I've learned. But I'd like to switch it up a bit. Instead, I'd like to learn something from you perhaps, especially if you have come across this particular problem:

The front door of my home is being visited by cats and unfortunately they are spraying it countless times a day.  

Needless to say, it stinks!

Does anyone know of a product or household remedy that will remove the smell and deter the cats?


  1. that is strange
    it has never happened here but i think all the feline's in our town are "fixed"
    go to the hardware shop there are many good products for this purpose although not sure any of them prevent it from happening again

  2. Our beloved cat, Carly, has been gone now almost seven years. Whenever we had a spraying problem we would clean it up immediately with vinegar and baking soda. Some people use peroxide or even listerine mouthwash.

  3. thank you so much
    I've heard of using peroxide; forgot about vinegar and baking soda.
    right now I'm trying (of all things) orange cleaning fluid on top of aluminum foil (I've heard that cats don't like the orange smell as well as stepping on foil.

  4. The best product we've found for cat smells is a natural enzyme spray called Out, that we buy at Home Hardware. And yes, cats hate citrus! I would start eating grapefruit in the morning, and leaving the empty halves out for the little monsters!

  5. thank you so much Roisin
    this sounds like it has possibilities!!