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Monday, April 30, 2012

Mosaic Monday

1. Cardinals by C. Reed  2. Cabbabge Rose by B. Di Lella  3.  Mockingbird by L.A. Fuertes
4. Wren by B. Di Lella  5. Kinglet by B. Di Lella  6. Wren by B. Di Lella
7. House Sparrows by C. Reed.  8 Bryony by B. Di Lella  9. Red-winged Black Bird by C. Reed

I hope  you had a beautiful weekend. It was certainly crazy and busy here and so warm on Sunday. I had quite a bit of time completely alone (well, not completely because "the girls" are always with me) and did a lot of cutting and printing that I feel very good about. Hope you like the mosaic.

Most of the coloured bird images are by Chester Reed. I have, as you can see, a very old copy of his "Bird Guide".    
The Mockingbird by Louis A. Fuertes is from a very special 1936 book entitled "Birds of America".  When I was a little girl,  this book was kept on the book case that I had watched my Dad make. It was a book that was very special and could only be looked at with him. I'm sure that was because he'd make sure the pages weren't creased with dirty little fingers.


  1. Happy Monday Barbara !
    beautiful mosaic !

  2. Sounds like you had a busy weekend. Our weekend away was filled with all kinds of birds; owls,quail, eagles, peacocks, canada geese, and I am going to include the chickens in that list.