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Friday, April 13, 2012

"Seed Stitches" by Penny Nickels
The last few weeks I seem to be researching on more than just one front. I love needlework of all kinds (as I mentioned last week) and I found another book: "Hoopla, the art of unexpected embroidery" by Leanne Prain. There was, once again, work by Penny Nickels. This piece was done with hand-spun silk and commercial floss on hand-dyed silk, husks and seeds.
Home Invasion by Sarah Terry
This combination of bugs and embroidery by Sarah Terry is very appropriate in that they are combined with embroidered flowers. I like the odd aspect of it: needlework, traditionally "women's work" and bugs, stereo-typically women's fear. Well, at any rate, mine.

There are windows of time in my day that could easily be filled doing this type of "line/thread drawing".

Hope you have a perfect spring weekend


  1. Love all that embroidery! I have three days off so it's going to be a great weekend except that it is raining right now.

  2. absolutely delicious embroidery !
    thank you for sharing this with us
    you're making me eager to pick needle & thread
    except that I'm having an awful crafter's block right now
    and don't feel much happy about that