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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday's Work

Amongst the diverse pile of work on my table  is a section for packaging. This subject intrigues me to the point of being overwhelmed. What I mean is: there are so many products out there to tweak the look of one's work which is all part of the "branding" concept.

Sparrow Avenue was a name I chose for sentimental reasons. However, over time I've come to realize that it also expresses some of the values that I hold which are wrapped up with nature and the environment:  urban, rural and wild.
The choice of fabrics, the images I print, and the packaging I'm trying to develop all speak to those values.

Let me know if you think I'm on the right track. Or better yet, let me know if you have any suggestions. That would be great!


  1. I love your branding- it's consistent with your product and it's really classy. Good job! :o)

  2. I think you are quite on the right tracks, Barb ! I LOVE your branding & packaging, it looks very nice (I'm a big fan of kraft paper) You're doing a wonderful job, in all areas of your products !

  3. that's so nice of both of you: thank you so much