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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Mock Orange

The summer has returned and the Mock Orange (Philadelphus) is at it's peak. Do you know Mock Orange? It has the most beautiful scent. Certainly the bees think so too.


  1. I remember Mock Orange in our garden when I was young. I tried to grow it at our first house but it never bloomed. I think maybe it needed more sunshine than it received. Nice to see all of the bees lately.

  2. I don't know mock orange but the bees sure love the flax in our garden. Beautiful pictures!

  3. Our mock orange doesn't get a lot of sun being up against a north facing wall.

    I love flax and have tried to have it grow but without success

    have a great weekend

    1. There goes my 'lack of light' theory. :) I must have done something else to it! Have a good weekend. Love the Muskoka photos. My parents live there.