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Friday, June 22, 2012

Something's Stuck

Well, I don't know what went wrong. Something got stuck and the next thing I know is the bobbin doesn't move. So I take it out and the casing too. I've never done this before. I clean it: lots of dust and oil it too. Still nothing doing. It took a while too to figure out how to put it back. But it still wouldn't move.

 So I took it more apart and cleaned it and oiled it and put it back together. And do you think it would work then? Not!
 I spent the better part of the afternoon determined to get it to work. And do you think I got anywhere with that tactic? Not!
I then began to research bobbin issues and the closest I could come was a "timing" issue. Do I take it in to be serviced? Do I look into getting a Serger? That's not the sort of thing you just run out and do. What do I know about Sergers? Not much.

In the meantime I chose to pull out sewing machine #4. There was a reason why I put this machine away and I was quickly reminded why. Not only is it awkward to thread but the reverse on it is ridiculous when zig zagging as one hand has to hold a lever in position while the other has to cross over to press a button on the right leaving the fabric to bunch up as the dogs move.
Nevertheless, I persevered and finished. But obviously I'm going to have to solve the bigger picture before too long. That'll be my homework for the weekend, I guess.

I hope your weekend 
is way better
than my week!

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