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Friday, July 13, 2012

Hot and Cold

Sometimes it's impossible to remember that not too long ago this is what my studio window looked like. With all the heat waves going on I'm not "pining" for the cold, it's just that it's hard to remember it.

Rather than remember the cold, I'll enjoy one of my  garden flowers. The bees love this one!

Hope you have a lovely
summer weekend


  1. At either side of the jet stream we are wishing for better weather, some sunshine here in the UK please, we've just had a day or 2 this week and it's raining again! I would rather have rain than heat waves though :) Love your garden pic

  2. Everyone in the UK and in France was saying how cool and rainy the weather has been for months. The complete opposite of us with our mild winter and blazing summer. But I am not pining for winter either....just some rain would be nice. Not a drop in over a month.