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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Hot Summer Days

Out my studio window before the girls and I go for our walk.

We are into another heat wave of low to mid 30's. I don't mind so much but the girls are prone to hot spots that are brought on by the humidity. I decided to research this to see if there was any way to prevent it or at least heal it once it does begin. As I write, the fan is aimed right at Roxy (who seems to suffer the most with this). It is a way of keeping her skin dry and that's the preventative part. I imagine air conditioning would do the trick, but we don't have it. 
I prefer home remedies to vet treatments. So when I read that Black Tea Bags would do the trick of drying and healing the sores, that spoke to me. And then using Witch Hazel to cool and soothe...both of these have tannins which helps dry and heal the sores.

If you have a dog please let me know if you've had to deal with this problem and how it's worked out for you and yours.


  1. We don't have a dog ( I wish we had a dog) so I can't help with the hot spot problem but I hope that whatever you try works for the girls.

  2. I can only advice you to go to a vet if it get's worse.
    We are lucky my dog never had that problem! Maybe you can cool them down with some water from the hose if they are not scared about running water.

  3. From the reading I have done I've discovered that air circulation is important. That makes sense because bacteria thrives in dark moist areas. So I shaved the poor dear down; actually she looks so much cuter now.
    As well, I've applied cool tea bags to the area. The tannins in the tea have an anti-bacterial affect as well as drying out the area.
    So she's doing much better.

    Thank you for your comments.