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Monday, August 20, 2012

City of Craft and Bloorcourt Street Festival

I hope you had a wonderful weekend; it was so beautiful!

The Bloorcourt Arts and Crafts Street Fair was this weekend and it was just amazing to see everyone walking freely on the street having such a great day. Becky did an amazing job of supporting, encouraging and putting this all together. Thank you so much.

 All my little Day Bags sold out which I wasn't expecting so this week, amongst all the other things on my work table, I'll be putting a lot more together for the next show coming...more about that later.
There were lots of people to visit with and I was especially happy to see Jeannie. She's been working on some new pieces; very exciting.


  1. It looks very nice! Hope the weather was not to hot! I think that the little wallet with the Sparrow on it would be a great succes to (the one you posted earlier!

  2. thanks so much, Nadia.
    I've only just started making those little sparrow pouches again.

  3. Glad to hear you had a good weekend!