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Friday, August 24, 2012

Upper Canada Village Part II

There is a beautiful painting New York City's Metropolitan of a horse pulling a barge by William Picknell (1853-97),"Banks of Loing" 1894. I was reminded of it when I was taking this photo.

I don't usually like to take photos of the "touristy" things. Instead I look for unusual corners and/or angles.

Watching Rusholme Productions working was a treat as I know nothing about film making. But taking shots of "behind the scenes" felt like a privilege.

But I'm sure you can tell I have an attraction to horses (always have)
Enjoy your weekend.
I know that 
I have a ton of work to do
and lots of people 
to see.

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  1. These shots are beautiful! How exciting to see a movie production too. And I totally understand the horse thing. I've been that way myself since I was about 9.