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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Besides all the mounting production work that's taking over the space of this little studio are fabrics waiting to be re-worked.
I'm sure everyone has a collection of some sort.

 We are taught at an early age to collect, I think, otherwise where did all those toys come from? And then those toys can easily transform into other "toys". For me those toys are in the form of supplies for potential art projects; "playtime". Just out of curiousity: what are your collections?


  1. Sea glass, cross stitch magazines, patterns and supplies, stamps and postcards, stones, all kinds....AriadnefromGreece!

  2. Too many to list; I should do a blog post about my collections.
    I really like your cloth.

  3. One of them are books! And fabrics and information about costumes of all centuries and how they were made. Things about good art. And more...:-) I could see you're fabrics used for a beautiful 17th or 18th century style dress with those flowers!Lovely!

  4. Floral fabrics... Yes! (and I like yours too!)
    Antique French stamps, Antique laces, Antique buttons,things with birds, craft books - antique and new
    Have a lovely week that brings great finds!!
    Noga from Israel