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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Good-bye October

After all the press about "Sandy" and what it would do to Toronto, I can say I'm relieved that the studio ceiling did not cave in. Not even one drip. I had been covering everything in plastic just in case, but nothing. Even traveling through parts of the city didn't show much. Although I did hear that there were areas that lost power without hope of restoring it til tomorrow.

Earlier in the week I tried printing my grizzly on some onesies. A bit of a tight fit, but it worked.

Tonight is Hallowe'en. The weather should be a lot calmer and warmer too. In my neighbourhood there are so many young families that Hallowe'en has become quite the event. Later everyone brings their pumpkins to the park and there are hundreds of them lining the pathway.
I hope everyone
has fun


  1. Happy Halloween Barbara!
    What a great idea to take all the pumpkins to the park!

  2. That pumpkin display looks amazing,absolutely delightful. I'm always in two minds about Halloween, my pooch goes mad at all the knocking at the door, and teenagers dressed in black plastic bags with very scary masks is not always appealing?? But those pumpkins are a delight and I remember carving them with my son. That GRRRizzly would make you want to cuddle anything in those little onesies, cute!! Hope you stay safe from the storm! :)

  3. Think it would be lovely so see all those lighted pumpkins lined up. Overhere it's hardly celebrated so we keep things indoors. Love the bear, is there any chance we ever see that one on a bag in the shop?

  4. I am glad you didn't have any problems up there.

  5. Thank you all for your comments

    The pumpkins are so nice to see. It somehow brings the neighbourhood together when everyone collectively brings them. And the creativity: carrots or parsnips for noses...

    As for the dog barking everytime the door knocks, I know what you mean, Julie. Although I don't mind the teenagers: they have feet in both worlds (kid/adult) Poor darlings.

    I was printing the Grizzly on Market/Diaper Totes last year. I'll post an image of them tomorrow, Nadia

    Have a happy Hallowe'en everyone