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Monday, October 01, 2012

Last September

What a beautiful September weekend! I hope yours was the same.
This time I did manage to get out to the garden and do some work. The tomatoes are spent, not worth eating, but they still look so lovely.
Weekends are always busy because I cram so much in: work, house cleaning, laundry, cooking and family. As the overseas trip to the mid-East approaches the excitement of another world takes over. We had dinner with everyone, lots of laughter and last minute ideas.

Last week I had mentioned that I'd be getting my Grandma's old kitchen table and here it is. My uncle remembers it from when he was a kid in the 1930's. Rather difficult to get a good angle on it. I won't be able to put it where it will be until January though. There is so much editing involved...


  1. Good morning Barbara,
    Where are you going in the MiddleEast? Are there a group of folks going? Have a good week, I'm packing things up for my last "on the road" show.

  2. That is a beautiful table; love tables with drawers.
    And the tomatoes look good too. You can always hang them inside and they will ripen or you could make green tomato cake.
    Have a great week!

  3. Are you travelling on business or pleasure? I hope you enjoy it. In Greece tomatoes hadn't been good this year either!September has been so hot that you could say it was still summer!AriadnefromGreece!

  4. hanging the tomatoes inside is a good idea, Anna, and if you want to pass on the cake recipe, that'd be fantastic.

    the trip to Israel involves some family members; it should be amazing, Ariadne.

    good luck on your last show, Lynn. You deserve a rest after all the work you've been doing.

  5. I found this site from The One of a Kind Show. I can't find your email anywhere
    I want three of the postcard pillows and 4 with the moose on it. I am coming to toronto tomorrow and I want them with feather inserts, where can I pick them up? I can bring cash or a cheque.