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Thursday, October 04, 2012


At 4 in the morning they can curl up and go back to sleep. At 4 in the morning I'm working on things that are quiet, like turning things right-side-out, or ironing/heat setting or, (when things are less pressing (forgive the pun)), drawing. I have lots of ideas for the new year but they are on the back burner right now.

We are off to the airport.

Have a lovely
autumn weekend


  1. Have a wonderful trip! I was going to join your site and realized I already had!

  2. What a nice picture! Beautiful colors do they have (you're dog's). Hope she has a nice time. In wich country is she studying? The middle east can be capricious.

  3. She's been studying at U of T.
    This is a visit to the country that she's been trying to get to a number of times but for one reason or another hasn't worked out.
    I am so excited for her, having been a few times