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Friday, November 30, 2012

OOAK Artisans


When ever I do shows I always find the most lovely neighbours. Doing the One of a Kind is no exception. This is Celine Fafard's work. I love the delicacy  of her work with the use of lace designs or written word. The poetry is sweet but ever so true.

 Michael Herman's work in glass is not your regular stained glass. It is a complicated process that appears to be a glass watercolour. Reading about his methods gives a clear idea of what is involved. Michael has been an invaluable help at the show whenever I run into problems (and there have been some electronic ones); he has been so kind in letting me use his phone.

There is quite a list of wonderful artisans at the show. Atelier du Presbytere are one of them. I hope to show yous some of the others next week.  Atelier du Presbytere has the most beautiful French linens that they re-purpose. I saw their work last year and was so impressed with their style and simple design.

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  1. Hi Barb, Yes,we almost sold our house but when the buyers could not remove the money subject it fell through and we are so happy at how this all worked out. Very happy!!!