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Monday, November 19, 2012

Something's Up


The girls and I have been waking up even earlier than ever. It's gotten a little embarrassing; I could be a baker with these hours! Anyway, they don't seem  to mind.

Sparrow Avenue screen prints

These are just a few components for the show which seems to be coming faster than ever. There are two days allotted for setting up all 800 booths; not everyone gets that much time but, for the very complicated set ups, I can see the need. I'll be going in on Wednesday.
Somehow I get the feeling 
by looking in Roxy's eyes,
 that she knows 
something's up.


  1. Good Luck with the show Barbara! 800 booths, really? It must be huge!

  2. Wow that sounds immense! Hope it all goes well and you do just great! It's all hard work towards such things. Dogs know don't they, she's got big ears!! Not much going to get past those. They don't take to change easily, my dog doesn't, he gets upset if he can't lay down in all his favourite places. :)