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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Children's Book Illustrators

After leaving off yesterday with children's themed images I couldn't help but add some of my favourite illustrators. 
David McPhail has long been a favourite of mine. His characters have such wonderful personality and innocence. This is an image from The Bear's Toothache written and illustrated by McPhail in 1972; my copy of the book is worn and torn and taped and stained: all signs of a well-loved book. I bought it before my children were born and I read it to all of them. Another wonderful book by McPhail is "Mole Music": the significance of a "seed" and it's unintentional and inspiring effect. 

William Heath Robinson is another favourite of mine although most people would probably know his brother, Charles, better. This illustration is from "The Adventures of Uncle Lubin", a small pocket book I had picked up when I was in London, England. I had no idea it was to become a collector's item. 

"Uncle Lubin is one of the world's most unforgettable wandering heroes- a bit of an Odysseus, a bit of a Don 

Quixote, and crystallized for all time with the help of the author;s marvellously funny and inventive 


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