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Monday, January 14, 2013


 Did you have a great weekend?

Since the last moose drawing post, I have to say, that I'm still working at it (although not as much as you might think). It's really the tiny details that start bogging one down. Being able to stand back far enough to determine whether or not you need to add or take away or just *%#+^*! leave it, takes a lot of skill in itself! 

As final verification, I went to the ROM to just get those 
"tiny details".


  1. The drawings that you have been posting look great to me. My daughter the artist is the same way. I will look at her work and think WOW. she looks at it and sees all the details that need to be reworked. Your artist's eye sees more then we mere mortals can. Have a great week!

  2. Hi Barbara,
    I think it's wonderful that you do so much research for your drawings
    you are so dedicated and you do not see that often with other artists.
    I noticed you did the One of a Kind Show, will you be exhibiting at the next one?